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    70 Dan Leckie Way, Toronto

    Classes/Regular Spinning

    First time spinning and thought the experience at Spokehaus was top notch. They were so friendly and welcoming. Front desk explained everything clearly and my instructor helped me set up my bike. Even though spinning isn't my favourite exercise, I really enjoyed the atmosphere. For first timers, they provide you with a towel and shoes that clip on. Lockers, washrooms, change rooms, shower are all on-site.
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    A kick-ass, low-impact, high-intensity full-body cardio party on a bike. In 45 minutes…


    129 Spadina Ave, Toronto
    Safety guidelines


    What would we do without Adam!!!!!! Seriously, the best spin instructor I think I have ever had. His energy is unmatched and he has started to attract a regular group of students every Tuesday at 6:30pm. Makes me happy :)
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    SPINCO has become a widely popular fitness class known for its fun, and challenging…
  • Kardia
    Yoga, Cycling, …


    10 Lower Spadina Ave, Toronto
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    STUDIO: Roll Out

    After four consecutive days of hard workouts, Roll Out was a gift. Its like a sports massage: it doesnt always feel good while its happening, but the benefits after are essential. Instruction and pacing were on point, and the studio vibe is encouraging and fun. Ill be back!
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    Kardia is a Toronto fitness community specializing in Yoga, Indoor Cycling, and Run…