• Crunch Gym
    Gym Time, Cycling, …

    Crunch Gym

    113 4th Ave, New York
    Safety guidelines


    Great full body workout using dumbbells and bodyweight. Class consisted of 3 circuits, each circuit had 5 workouts-3 strength, 1 cardio and 1 core (done three times through). Expect to do squats, lunges, planks, tricep extensions, bicep curls, jumping jacks, skiers etc.
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    Crunch is a high end gym chain with 400+ locations nationwide. They specialize in…
  • Y7 Studio

    Y7 Studio

    250 East Houston Street, New York
    Safety guidelines

    WeFlowHard® Vinyasa

    This was my first time back to Y7 since the pandemic and the experience was everything I remembered and more. Courtney was a great instructor! Loved that she included affirmations and today’s happened to be one that I really needed to hear. 👏🏽🙏🏽
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    ***PLEASE NOTE***We offer rentals - Yoga mats ($5) and nonslip over the mat towels…
  • CorePower Yoga
    Yoga, Strength Training, …

    CorePower Yoga

    59 Bleecker Street, New York

    C1 - CorePower Yoga 1 - NYC

    The class was great - I didn’t realize it was such a beginner class but it was still a nice class and I got a sweat in. The instructor was great as well #ClassPassInsider
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    This studio offers Yoga, Hot Yoga, and Strength Training classes. It’s more than…
  • The Studio

    The Studio

    302 Bowery, New York

    IN PERSON Katonah Restorative

    This felt more like a workshop than a typical yoga class. Lots of props and hands on assists. Kyle was very welcoming and seemed very knowledgeable about anatomy and the theory behind the poses. It was not all about relaxation like some other restorative classes I’ve been to. No bolsters, singing bowls, or dim lighting. Definitely worth checking out but don’t come here expecting nap time.
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    Katonah Yoga, as taught at The Studio, is a fundamentally formal practice. Our work…
  • ISHTA Yoga
    Yoga, Meditation, …

    ISHTA Yoga

    816 Broadway, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Live Stream - Restorative (online)

    So relaxing. This is not Yin. This is restorative which is more passive laying stretching poses. Almost meditative. Time of day is weird to me (11:15a) I randomly had a day off so I could take this class which I really enjoyed but is more of a senior citizen crowd. Wish it was offered at more assessable times. Def recommend if some unwinding if you can get to this class time. Old school yoga studio. Very classic.
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    ISHTA Yoga, founded and created by Yogiraj Alan Finger, is a community of like-minded…
  • The Bhakti Center
    Yoga, Meditation

    The Bhakti Center

    25 1st Avenue, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Bhakti Flow

    Probably the best yoga class I’ve ever attended! And I’ve been to a lot. The vibe of this studio is real, and the instructor beyond amazing. Not much ventilation inside, so prepare to sweat!
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    The Bhakti Center is a nonprofit cultural arts center dedicated to sharing the experience…
  • WhitFit NYC
    Yoga, Pilates, …

    WhitFit NYC

    155 Rivington Street, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Heated Vinyasa Yoga

    A great beyond-basics vinyasa class. Not super hot, but I think that works well with the format! (I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for anyone brand-new to yoga, as it’s fast-paced and there’s not much in the way of instruction for individual poses.)
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    Brand NEW Studio on the Lower East Side! A infrared Heated Studio. We offer the…