• Latin Techniques Dance Studio

    Latin Techniques Dance Studio

    4408 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago
    Safety guidelines


    Fun class! Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Not sure if this is best place for an absolute beginner to latin dancing (definitely doable, however, if you are down for a challenge!), but a good place to get better and practice, especially if you know a little bit of the basics of how to lead or follow. I dance salsa and bachata and often when I go out, the DJ’s play a decent amount of cumbia, so I wanted to learn more, and this was exactly what I was looking for. The late morning classes are perfect for my schedule. I came in with a very basic understanding of the cumbia steps and left feeling like I already improved. The instructor spends a lot of 1 on 1 time with everyone to help on the aspects you are missing. Will be back!
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    Established in 2018 in the Albany park neighborhood,They represents the flavor of…
  • Retro Fitness
    Gym Time, Yoga, …

    Retro Fitness

    4901 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago

    Body Pump

    The front desk person did not know what Class Pass was, and was going to make us pay for the class again. He ended up letting go to the class which ended up being MIXXED fitness. The instructor was super fun! Will go back if the front desk can figure out class pass.
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    Retro Fitness offers a full range of fitness experiences all in one club, so you…
  • Protein Fit Studio

    Protein Fit Studio

    4076 West 26th Street, Chicago
    If you’re looking for a studio with classes that are as challenging as they are fun…
  • Fitness Studio & Protein Bar
    Dance, Martial Arts, …

    Fitness Studio & Protein Bar

    3034 West Devon Avenue, Chicago

    Cardio Dance

    This class was interesting and the instructor and all the students were very enthusiastic. I immediately could tell that this particular group of ladies were all regulars at the studio. My main complaints were that everyone including the instructor came about 15 minutes late for class, and it was entirely in Spanish. #ClassPassInsider
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    If you’re looking for a studio with classes that are as challenging as they are fun…
  • GiGi Tonye' Arts & Fitness
    Dance, Outdoors

    GiGi Tonye' Arts & Fitness

    1319 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago
    They are your new innovative mobile dance and fitness studio! They provide mobile…
  • Leblon Fitness Club
    Boxing, Dance, …

    Leblon Fitness Club

    415 W Huron Ave, Suite 5A, Chicago

    Cardio Boxing

    Absolutely loved Cardio Boxing with Gustavo! Its definitely challenging and there were moments when I could feel my body ache but just power through and youll be happy you did so. My Apple Watch told me I burned 960 calories which is absolutely insane. Gustavo did a good job of explaining things to me since I was new and level setting by explaining I should stop and drink water whenever I feel I need to and not to worry too much about what everyone around me was doing being new to the class. The people in the class were definitely regulars but really made me feel welcomed. I would definitely come. Its without a doubt the BEST class Ive taken on Classpass.
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    Boutique gym located at river north, the hottest neighborhood in Chicago. Leblon…

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