• POW! Gym
    Martial Arts, Low-credit livestreams, …

    POW! Gym

    310 S Racine Ave, 1st Floor, Chicago

    Krav Maga Self-Defense

    Great beginners class! Arrive early to get prepped. You work on some of the moves on partners, but everyone was very friendly and helpful, including Robbie the instructor, who really makes sure youre getting the moves properly.
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    POW! Gym has been in business since 2001. The Owner, Katalin Rodriguez Ogren, established…
  • Northern Raptor Kung Fu
    Martial Arts

    Northern Raptor Kung Fu

    7014 North Western Avenue, Chicago

    Kung Fu Streaming Class

    Alan, the instructor, was thorough and patient with teaching the various fundamentals of this class, and the other regular students were hilarious and helpful. I’d highly recommend coming here!
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    At Northern Raptor Kung Fu, they teach Northern Shaolin Eagle Claw Kung Fu. This…
  • Chicago Mixed Martial Arts
    Martial Arts

    Chicago Mixed Martial Arts

    1528 N Halsted St, Chicago

    Kickboxing, All Levels (MMA side)

    Absolutely loved it! Super fun! Brian is amazing. Great for getting good sweat. Also, all guys are very welcoming and friendly.Def will be back!
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    Chicago MMA is Chicago’s top Mixed Martial Arts program, combining Gracie Brazilian…
  • Intercept MMA
    Martial Arts, Boxing

    Intercept MMA

    1401 Circle Ave, Forest Park

    Foundation Class

    Fun class with a great informative teacher! A great mixed of things were taught within the hour.
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    Intercept MMA's foundation class offers the basic of kickboxing and jiu-jitsu. Learning…
  • Warrior Evolution MMA
    Martial Arts, Strength Training

    Warrior Evolution MMA

    329 W 18th St, Chicago


    This was my first mixed martial arts experience, and it combined some cardio conditioning with learning a fighter’s stance, correct posture, and precise yet fluid movements. My trainer was graceful in her fighting form, yet very patient and encouraging with my uncoordinated steps. The session left me sore in the best way, and I’m considering paying for more classes outside of ClassPass; the session was inspiring! I highly recommend this place!
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    Warrior Evolution MMA strives to prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally…
  • High Vibe Society
    Gym Time, Martial Arts, …

    High Vibe Society

    1011 West 18th Street, Chicago

    Retreat: Yoga Nidra

    This was the perfect class for a Monday night. There was some active movement but not very intense which lead to a deep meditation. Becca was fantastic!
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    We offer hot yoga classes, Taiji, Zumba, Tonalates, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Ashtanga…
  • Valko Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy
    Martial Arts

    Valko Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy

    820 N Orleans St., Chicago

    Jiu-jitsu Fundamentals Gi

    This Jiu-jitsu class was informative and fun! I learned some fundamental techniques in a short amount of time, and every instructor and experienced student was friendly, patient, and welcoming (each new student was paired up with someone with more experience). Thanks!
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    At Valko Brazillian JiuJitsu they teach quality Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, wrestling and…
  • The Peace School
    Martial Arts, Yoga

    The Peace School

    3121 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago

    Traditional Taekwondo

    The Tae kwon do class included one hour of yoga, then basic foundational training on stances and punches, and finally a bit of self defense. Lydia and Master Kim were lovely and very accommodating of adult beginners. Great for a recovery day or for anyone seeking peace and wellness.
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    The Peace School's mission is to help people of all ages practice peace in everyday…
  • Bernard Horwich JCC
    Gym Time, Martial Arts, …

    Bernard Horwich JCC

    3003 West Touhy Avenue, Chicago


    Kate is really nice, she wants to see you succeed. if you are a beginner in your fitness training journey I don't recommend this class as it's intense. Kate reccomended to start with the stretch and tone, then circuit training, then bootcamp. I struggled with this class because I'm just beginning my fitness journey and to be honest I'm not sure a morning workout this early is the best for me, I'm not a morning person.
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    JCC Chicago is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring a strong and vibrant…
  • Grupo Capoeira Brasil Chicago
    Martial Arts

    Grupo Capoeira Brasil Chicago

    1802 W Berteau Ave, #215, Chicago

    All Levels Training at Chicago Capoeira Center, 1802 W. Berteau Ave #215

    I had a Rhythmic, Rejoicing, and Reviving experience at Grupo Capoeira Brasil! The lead instructor, a kind, hilarious, and skilled practitioner led the class with a blend of wit and mastery, and the other instructors emanate passion for this martial art. Experience the trinity of mind, body, and soul by dashing to this class as soon as possible!
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    The Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira combines circular and straight kicks…
  • Syren Waters
    Gym Time, Martial Arts, …

    Syren Waters

    5307 South Hyde Park Boulevard Suite 202, Chicago
    Syren Waters was founded by Jaysmine in 2015. After receiving her PHD in Neuro Science…
  • TDC MMA + Fitness
    Martial Arts

    TDC MMA + Fitness

    322 N Leavitt St, Chicago

    Muay Thai

    Amazing! For a first timer and a chick I was so intimated and nervous but everyone was super welcoming and helpful. Great workout too!!
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    TDC MMA + Fitness offers a wide variety of classes suited to fit your goals; whether…
  • TAC Karate & Fitness
    Martial Arts

    TAC Karate & Fitness

    7223 S Stony Island Ave, Chicago


    The dojo is well equipped, the sensei’s are experienced and knowledgeable. This is a moderately active location
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    TAC Karate combine traditional training techniques with a modern approach to teaching…
  • Andre Maneco Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    Martial Arts

    Andre Maneco Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    1531 W Chicago Ave, Chicago
    World class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a safe, respectful and positive environment.
  • Gingarte Capoeira Chicago
    Martial Arts

    Gingarte Capoeira Chicago

    1016 N Dearborn St, Chicago


    Gingarte Capoeira combined music, grace, history, and spirituality into one martial art. I plan to return as soon as possible!
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    The Gingarte Capoeira academy offers a diverse range of classes focusing on Brazilian…
  • TAC Karate & Fitness
    Martial Arts

    TAC Karate & Fitness

    8220 S Kedzie Ave, Chicago
    TAC Karate combine traditional training techniques with a modern approach to teaching…
  • Chicago Muay Thai Kickboxing Club
    Martial Arts

    Chicago Muay Thai Kickboxing Club

    2271 N Clybourn Ave., Chicago
    They are the first and largest exclusive Muay Thai/Kickboxing Gym in Chicago established…
  • Franks Martial Arts
    Martial Arts, Boxing

    Franks Martial Arts

    6344 West Gunnison Street, Chicago
    You will find support and self-defense skills in martial arts which will help you…
  • Chicago Fitness Center
    Strength Training, Cycling, …

    Chicago Fitness Center

    3131 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago


    Definitely not a typical spin class — more weight/general training. Really great workout though!
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    In October, 1982, CFC opened its doors and became the first gym in Chicago to successfully…

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