• Studio 85 HIIT & Yoga
    Yoga, Strength Training, …

    Studio 85 HIIT & Yoga

    333 Aspen Glen Landing SW, Calgary

    Critical Alignment Gentle Flow

    Loved the extra time spent on the spinal strip! My body also appreciated all the unique poses and stretches that helped open up my hips and worked the tightness out of my neck, shoulders, spine and joints. Thankyou Rachel!
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    Studio 85 HIIT & Yoga is a boutique fitness studio located on the second floor of…
  • Soul Hot Yoga
    Yoga, Pilates, …

    Soul Hot Yoga

    5126 126 Avenue Southeast 246, Calgary
    Safety guidelines


    Over the course of a few months, I've attended various classes at Soul and i’m impressed with the experience. The studio and staff exude a warm and friendly atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome. The studio's open reception area offers ample space to remove and store shoes- no bottleneck where you are tripping over other people- and the changing rooms are well-appointed. The yoga room is spacious, with the instructors able to adjust the lighting level depending on the energy of the practice. While I haven't tried every class, Katie's 75-minute Hot Vinyasa Flow is one of my regular favorites. In each class, she incorporates a diverse range of poses and targets different areas of the body. Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies and either stick to what's comfortable or challenge themselves to try something new. Katie's teaching style is easy to follow, and she offers modifications for students of all levels. While most attendees have some experience, I never felt out of place or embarrassed if I struggled with a pose or needed to take a break. What sets Soul apart from other studios is the friendly and laid-back atmosphere among instructors, staff, and students alike. Everyone is dedicated to their practice, but there's no sense of formality or competition. In other words, no one takes themselves too seriously while still striving to do their best.
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    Soul Hot Yoga provides you with an inspiring experience that will empower and enable…
  • Junction 9 Yoga & Pilates
    Yoga, Pilates, …

    Junction 9 Yoga & Pilates

    919 9 Avenue Southeast, Calgary

    Hatha Flow

    Kate is very energetic which is fantastic but I found it hard to keep up with how fast she was talking, especially when the music was louder. Definitely not a class for beginners based on how fast she went through the moves but she was very encouraging and I appreciate that she suggested modifications for every sequence!
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    Junction 9 is a space to foster health, wellbeing, and connectedness; both a space…

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