• Lion Chaser Fitness
    Strength Training

    Lion Chaser Fitness

    3201 Cains Hill Pl NW, Atlanta
    Safety guidelines


    Class was fabulous! Sadler explained everything so well before class so we weren’t standing around at stations wondering what to do and was great at making micro corrections to our form throughout class. Will definitely be back!
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    Lion Chaser Fitness focuses on the courageous, tenacious pursuit of life goals in…
  • Fit9
    Strength Training, Boxing


    3231 Cains Hill Place, Atlanta
    Safety guidelines


    Awesome workout and studio! Blake was great! I love an instructor that pays attention to form and helps you correct yourself if you’re doing moves improperly. He came over multiple times to help me get the boxing sequences down if I got confused and helped my form throughout the other strength training workouts. I’ve taken his other classes as well and they’re all killer and I’d continue booking his classes!
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    FIT9 is a 48-minute full body workout designed to help you achieve your physical…
  • Pepper Boxing
    Boxing, Strength Training

    Pepper Boxing

    925 Battery Avenue SE, Unit 1150, Atlanta

    Hit and Fit - Full Body

    Awesome class!! I’ve been avoiding this studio because I was intimidated, but I wish I’d gone in sooner! The bags are all in a ring with the instructors in the middle so you don’t have to be an expert at all. I definitely went at my own speed but worked up a great sweat. Chase was super encouraging and positive. He kicked my butt in the best way this Sunday!!
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    Pepper Boxing is a guided workout that utilizes our unique teardrop style heavy bags…
  • FitSquad Studios
    Strength Training

    FitSquad Studios

    1240 Metropolitan Parkway Southwest, Atlanta
    Safety guidelines

    Tone and Tighten

    Great workout! Moses was very knowledgeable, helped me with my form and challenged me to safely go beyond weights I normally use.
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    FitSquad looks forward to helping you achieve a Healthier & Fit Lifestyle. We specialize…
  • Urban Perform
    Strength Training, Barre, …

    Urban Perform

    128 Vine Street Northwest, Atlanta

    Sound Meditation

    Buildings in the area were boarded up, and the studio was closed with blinds drawn. No one showed up
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    They are an establishment providing access to affordable programs that merge physical…

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