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Running a gym can be hectic. Partner with ClassPass, and maximize your gym’s attendance by tapping into a new network of global customers and corporate subscribers. List your specialty classes, and even offer personal trainer services. Plus, grow your revenue with access to user insights and marketing opportunities.

Getting started is easy. Join ClassPass, and start filling more spots in your classes today.

Our response to COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 has challenged everyone around the globe to think differently about what it means to support one another. At ClassPass, we’re committed to helping our partners navigate these unprecedented times. For information on how we’re supporting our partners, please visit our COVID-19 Resource Hub.

100% of livestreaming proceeds go to studios

Not ready to offer in-person classes yet? ClassPass gives you the option to offer digital only classes, in-person only classes, or both. 100% of livestreaming proceeds will go to studios until August 1.

Why partner with ClassPass?

ClassPass gives you the resources you need to maximize your attendance. Here are some of the ways that ClassPass supports gyms.
List your open spots, set max class capacity and track user insights with our easy-to-use reporting tools.
Add your amenities so customers know if you offer towels, showers, mats, free parking and more.
Take advantage of marketing opportunities and case studies in order to grow your business.
We’ll send an email reminder to your attendees, so they’ll know to show up on time.

How much could you earn with ClassPass?

Calculate how much you could be earning on top of your existing revenue by listing your classes and open appointments on ClassPass.

Ready to grow your business?

Join over 30,000 studios, gyms, spas and wellness centers around the world on ClassPass, and start growing your business today.