Tricep Push-Up

What is a Tricep Push-Up?

The Tricep Push-Up is an advanced variation of a standard push-up. In this exercise, your palms will stay closer together with your arms directly at your sides as you lower, which engages your tricep muscles to drive you back to the starting plank position.

How do you do a Tricep Push-Up?

  • Step 1

    Begin in a plank position with your hands shoulder-width apart and stacked under your shoulders. Keep your body straight and horizontally aligned.

  • Step 2

    Slowly and with control, lower your chest toward the floor while keeping your arms parallel to your sides and your elbows pointing backwards. Firmly press through your palms to bring your body back up to the beginning plank position and repeat.

How do you modify a Tricep Push-Up?

  • Tricep Push-Up for Prenatal

  • Tricep Push-Up for Beginners

  • Advanced Tricep Push-Up

  • Tricep Push-Up for Weak Lower Back

  • Tricep Push-Up for Weak Wrists

  • Tricep Push-Up for Weak Shoulders

What are the benefits of a Tricep Push-Up?

  • Tricep Strength

  • Arm Strength

  • Full-body Strength

Expert opinion

The tricep push-up is a ‘scale-up’ from a regular push-up––it’s definitely more challenging.

With your palms closer together, your chest and triceps are targeted. It’s a hugely effective upper body exercise.

Paul Rahn,SWEAT in Chicago

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