Dove Pose

What is Dove Pose?

Dove Pose is an advanced yoga pose that opens and lengthens the torso while building leg muscle. The deep backbend movement of the pose is restorative, relaxing and improves body alignment.

How do you do Dove Pose?

  • Step 1

    Kneel on the floor with your back straight and arms resting at your sides.

  • Step 2

    Lean back and place your hands on the floor behind you, fingers facing inward.

  • Step 3

    Lower your elbows onto the floor behind you so your entire forearm is on the floor, facing inward.

  • Step 4

    Arch your back, lifting your thighs up and forward. Try to move your hands toward your feet and straighten your arms.

How do you modify Dove Pose?

  • Dove Pose for Prenatal

  • Dove Pose for Beginners

  • Advanced Dove Pose

  • Dove Pose for Weak Knees

  • Dove Pose for Weak Lower Back

  • Dove Pose for Weak Wrists

  • Dove Pose for Weak Shoulders

  • Dove Pose for Tight Hips

What are the benefits of Dove Pose?

  • Back Stretch

  • Shoulder Strength

  • Leg Strength

Expert opinion

Dove pose is an invigorating move because it increases blood circulation to the spine and head.

It’s also great for strengthening shoulders, knees, quads and chest muscles.

Elisabeth Halfpapp,exhale in New York City

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