Dolphin Pose

What is Dolphin Pose?

Dolphin pose is an intermediate yoga pose beneficial for people working toward a headstand practice. The pose tones the upper body while improving hip agility and increasing hamstring flexibility.

How do you do Dolphin Pose?

  • Step 1

    Begin on your hands and knees. Make sure your wrists align under your shoulders and your knees are directly under your hips.

  • Step 2

    Slowly bend your elbows down on the mat directly beneath your shoulders, making sure your arms stay parallel.

  • Step 3

    Keeping your shoulders above your elbows, lift your hips towards the ceiling with your toes tucked for support.

How do you modify Dolphin Pose?

  • Dolphin Pose for Prenatal

  • Dolphin Pose for Beginners

  • Advanced Dolphin Pose

  • Dolphin Pose for Weak Knees

  • Dolphin Pose for Weak Lower Back

  • Dolphin Pose for Weak Wrists

  • Dolphin Pose for Weak Shoulders

  • Dolphin Pose for Weak Hips

What are the benefits of Dolphin Pose?

  • Leg Stretch

  • Arm Strength

  • Leg Strength

Expert opinion

Dolphin pose is great for opening and strengthening shoulders and stretching hamstrings.

It’s an important pose to master to prepare the body to go upside down.

Elisabeth Halfpapp,exhale in New York City

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