Infrared Sauna at LIVKRAFT Performance Wellness

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by LIVKRAFT Performance Wellness and were last updated on 6/10/21.

Mask-wearing policies

All Employees and clients must wear facial coverings; if within 6 feet of each other. For solo treatments, as when alone in a room clients may remove masks.

Social distancing measures

6 foot distance will be kept at all times when non-essential to treatment procedures. During those treatments in which closer proximity is required, masks will still be mandatory. For solo treatments, as when alone in a room, clients may remove masks.

Extra sanitation

Livkraft team members clean and sanitize all areas and surfaces between every treatment with PUREGREEN24. Team members wear protective gloves while cleaning and are required to frequently wash hands and all high contact surfaces a minimum of 2-4 times an hour.

Limited capacity

At full occupancy there will be no more than 16-18 people in the building at a time. Only one room that fits 3 people at a time at a safe 6 ft distance.

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