Go Team! Now You Can Play Sports With ClassPass!


If there’s one thing we already know about exercise, it’s that it’s way more fun when you have a buddy along for the workout. What’s even better? When you get your heart rate up, build strength and muscle, all while playing a game, instead of counting burpees or sit-ups.

Enter: sports.

ClassPass is excited to offer the opportunity to join leagues, pick-up games, clinics, tournaments and sports events in select cities. From basketball and tennis to soccer and volleyball and more, you can now spend your Saturday afternoon (or your Tuesday evening) working up a sweat with new teammates. The best part of all? If you’re a ClassPass member, these events won’t count toward your total class credit for the month – they’re totally, 100 percent, free.

Here’s how it works:

All Levels Welcome

Even if you’ve never thrown a football in your life or you haven’t played dodgeball since middle school, don’t worry. Sports are meant to welcome athletes of all levels, ages and skill sets. After all, what brings you together is your desire to have a good time and maybe take home the ‘winner’ title!

You Can Bring Pals

If you’re already a ClassPass user and you haven’t talked your friend into joining yet, this may be the turning point: when you sign up for a sports event, you may be prompted to have a friend tag along. When you book your spot, you can send a link to a friend, giving them the chance to sign up for a trial of ClassPass and play in the game with you. (But psst: if you can’t get your pals to grab their cleats and go, you’re sure to meet new workout buddies and teammates at the games!)

How to Sign Up

In your ClassPass iOs or Android app or your desktop, simply filter by ‘Sports’ under your ‘Classes’ tab to find what games are going on in your area. While we’re only in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington D.C., for now, we have many more cities coming soon.

Have questions?

Check out our Help Center FAQ on sports offerings here.

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