Did you know that email marketing sees 40 times the return on investment as social media marketing? It’s easy to get wrapped up in Instagram likes and re-tweets, but underneath that advertising noise, email remains the preferred vehicle for your re-engagement efforts. If you want to bring clients back to your studio, email is the way to do it.

You’re on the right track if you’re already segmenting your email lists to figure out which group of people are interested in what—like how you might extract ClassPass users’ email addresses and target a package sale directly to that audience.

What you may be missing, however, is the red-hot language that makes students act now and not delay. Tantalizing copy that inspires action amongst your customers is what really gives you that increased return and revenue, and it’s critical to generate a level of urgency that convinces your clients to take action now.

A technique I invite you to try is what I like to call the “urgency sandwich.” It’s simple—in the urgency sandwich, you frame your signature with a time-sensitive call to action on each side.

Here is an example from one of my clients, after the email body announced a big package sale:

This offer expires THIS Friday at 11:59pm and has limited availability. Purchase here. 

With love,

The _______ Team

PS: This may be the last class package discount we do for the year as we re-evaluate our prices. Feel free to stock up or tell a friend!

The bottom bun is positioned with a thoughtful post-script—this way, it’s the last thing your reader is left with and they have no choice but to act! Your message doesn’t leave readers with an easy-to-overlook signature, but instead that immediate feeling of “where do I click?!”

Sales should be sparse so as not to teach your client that they can get your services for less all the time. But don’t be concerned that a sale will cheapen your brand. A well-timed and executed promotion to a target audience can generate huge cash flow and get new people in the door to experience more of your classes.

The next time you target your users with a discounted class package, try the urgency sandwich—and watch the revenue roll in.

Nick Wolny is a fitness business coach and copywriter who specializes in studio growth and strategy. He owns six-figurefitness.com, where health and fitness owners double their revenue in half the time. Want more done-for-you templates unique to fitness businesses? Visit him at six-figurefitness.com. Drop by and say hello.