As a fitness instructor, you probably got into teaching because you loved to exercise and practice your genre of fitness. There’s nothing that can be more helpful for a teacher than putting yourself in the students’ shoes; but when your schedule gets jam-packed, it’s difficult to justify taking a little “me” time. Whenever we get busy, one of the first things we forget to do is take care of ourselves, and for most fitness instructors, that can mean letting a dedicated practice fall to the wayside. But not only can maintaining a personal practice make your classes more effective, getting yourself moving will keep your body in top shape to continue doing what you love.

If you find yourself caught in a fitness lull, fear not—it’s never too late to hop right back in. We’ve rounded up a few tips on how to keep up with your own practice.

Running a business, planning sessions, teaching classes, and everyday commitments often take the front seat when it comes to our scheduling patterns. You’re much more likely to follow through with an activity if you feel prepared, and have set aside dedicated time for a workout. Make a point of scheduling time in your calendar to dedicate to your own practice. Start small at first, perhaps block out 20 minutes for your own fitness routine three times per week. Gradually up the time or frequency based on how you feel.

Think back to when you first tried the activity you now teach. Maybe it was the first time your thighs burned while plié-ing at the barre, or that exhilarating feeling of clipping into the cycle bike before your inaugural ride. Reflect back to what brought you to the workout in the first place and your passion for the craft is sure to follow. Notice how your body (and mind!) respond to allowing yourself that personal sweat time. Nothing brings forth inspiration quite like tapping into the student side of the experience. Explore different studios in your area, or have fellow instructors at your studio give you a taste of their own programming to help inspire you.

Identify goals and wins (both small and ongoing) for yourself in relation to your fitness level. Want to beat your last mile time? Nail your headstand? Lift 10 lbs. more? We’re much more likely to stay motivated by setting an intention and working towards it. Bonus points for vocalizing your goals and sharing them with friends and family to keep you accountable!

If you need a little extra nudge to hit your fitness goals, try setting up an incentive for yourself. For example, commit to unrolling your yoga mat for at least 30 minutes everyday for a month—if you hit your target, treat yourself to a new workout tank top or something else you’ve been saving up for. Share your progress on social media as a way to connect with and inspire your own clients.

Miranda Raimon is a freelance health, wellness and fitness writer who believes that life is a balance of green smoothies and pinot gris. A former yoga studio manager and fitness instructor, helping others live happier and healthier lives is her passion. Miranda is part of our ClassPass Partner Success Team. Follow her adventures on Instagram.