Jillian Michaels Hates Running and Other Things We Learned About Her


If you’ve ever yearned for the opportunity to have all your burning fitness, diet and nutrition questions answered by fitness guru, Jillian Michaels, we’ve got you covered. We chatted about everything you could want to know and more, including her involvement in an organic meat and wild seafood startup called Greensbury, so you’ll never have to wonder “what would Jillian do?” again. Here’s what advice she has for ClassPassers:

What’s your trick for motivating yourself to work out when you don’t feel like it?

I have many, but here are a few that I use on the regular. I set a goal for myself. So for example, I want to plan a beach vacation this summer, and I think about how I want to feel in my skin when on the beach. I want to stay active and impress my kids by hanging with them and playing their favorite sports— whether it’s snowboarding in the winter, surfing in the summer, etc. Also, I workout to have balance in my life. I know when I workout, it affords me the ability to work in foods that are less than healthy into my healthy lifestyle.

What’s your favorite and least favorite fitness move?

My favorite move is doing different push-up variations. Least fave? Running. I HATE running.

What tips do you have on building a positive body image?

There are many, but here are a few of my favorites:

See yourself as a whole, not a slab of meat you direct in the mirror. Appreciate all you can do. Your strength, discipline, flexibility, etc. 

Stop negating compliments. So many of us do this out of insecurity, but it serves no purpose except to make us feel unworthy. If someone compliments you, say THANK YOU.

Clean out the media you consume. Stop following accounts on Instagram that make you feel less than. Don’t read the magazines that make you feel unattractive, etc. Those images are touched up, and this is after a professional makeup artists and hair stylist has already made the person over. Bottom line, comparing yourself to others is a worthless endeavor. Stop doing that asap.

Work out! When you feel strong physically, you feel strong in all facets of your life.

What type of fitness classes do you like?

I love all kinds of classes. From spinning at Flywheel to yoga at Yoga Works. I also do some parkour classes for fun.

What is your favorite pre and post workout snack?

I really like a piece of fruit and some almonds before I train.  After, I usually go and eat a full meal which could be anything… Salmon salad, chicken tacos, etc.

What do you wish everyone knew about healthy eating?

That it really is just common sense. Count calories. Don’t eat more calories than you burn in a day. Avoid chemicals and heavily processed foods. Don’t eat fake fats, flavors, colors, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, etc. The rest of it really is nonsense.

We know you’ve been working with Greensbury lately. What’s your meat philosophy for our diets?

I don’t think we need tons of meat. I think the key is clean, organic, sustainable meat in moderation. It provides key micronutrients like iron, zinc, selenium, and B vitamins. These nutrients are key for healing, immunity, metabolic function, healthy skin and more. Plus, protein is critical for muscle maintenance and managing hunger. Organic beef and wild salmon are incredible sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for heart and brain health.

What is your favorite tip/trick for preparing meat?

Dry rubs. No big secret. It allows you to not add a bunch of calories or crap to your food, as well as getting all the added health benefits from the herbs and spices.

What is a common misconception about meat?

There are SO many. I have heard everything from, “By the time a man is 40, he has 5 lbs of undigested meat in his colon,” to “Red meat causes heart attacks.” Total bull. Organic grass-fed beef is actually loaded with omega 3 which is incredible for your heart, and the undigested meat in one’s colon is a ridiculous wives’ tale.

How did you get involved with Greensbury?

I constantly look for companies to invest in that I believe offer people access and affordability to better-for-you products. Personally, I believe that human beings are omnivores. I find that when I don’t eat meat I get anemic, my energy is poor, my skin looks dry, and my body doesn’t heal as fast. That said, many people know that conventionally-raised meat is loaded with hormones and antibiotics that are terrible for our bodies, and our meat-eating habit in some cases can be extremely detrimental to the environment. Greensbury single-handedly solves those problems. They take all the guess work out of the equation. All their products are ethically sourced. There are no preservatives, artificial additives, antibiotics, or hormones. Plus, it gets delivered straight to your door so accessibility is no longer an issue. It’s a complete solution.

What’s next for you?

I’m continuing to build my app, which allows me to be the user’s personal trainer, coach, and nutritionist. I’m concentrating on expanding my brand portfolio by investing in companies I believe have a great product that make health and happiness accessible and affordable. Whether it’s Giggles and Hugs for mommies who want a safe, healthy, fun environment for their kids to play in and to relax; Lucky Jack nitro cold brew, which provides clean, organic, gourmet coffee to people; or Greensbury Market, which affordably delivers sustainable, organic meat right to the customer’s door. My overall goal is to make people’s lives a little healthier, a little happier, and a little easier.

Editor’s note: Before changing protein or meat consumption in your diet, please speak with your primary care doctor.