Want to know more about what encourages engagement at your studio, plus how to make the experience better for customers?

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The ClassPass White Paper series explores trends in the rapidly evolving boutique fitness industry, aimed at providing you the insights you need to grow your studio or gym business.

What We Learned

With this edition, The Impact of Ratings on ClassPass Utilization and Loyalty, our team analyzed our extensive archive of ratings data to uncover how your studio or gym’s rating on ClassPass impacts the likelihood someone will book class at your studio – plus, how likely they are to return.

We wanted to know: What do users consider to be “good” ratings? How do ratings impact their engagement with your studio/gym?

To understand how ratings stack up in some of our top markets, we crunched the data to show how improving your ratings will increase bookings to your studio.

For instance, we found that increasing your business’s rating by just 0.1 on the rating scale can increase the likelihood that a new user will book your class by up to 80%!

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Tools for Partners

Our white paper also covers actionable steps for business owners to take to increase engagement and improve their customer experience. Since ratings and reviews often go hand in hand, our analysis included looking at trends across thousands of user reviews to understand areas where studios and gyms can improve.

We outline some key steps you can take to improve your class experience for new and loyal customers, such as:

  • Developing onboarding best practices
  • Improving class descriptions
  • Preparing instructors for beginner to advanced clients
  • …and more!

All this adds up to higher ratings and in turn, more bookings on ClassPass.

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