ClassPass is now live thousands of cities around the world and continuing to grow! We’re excited to partner with more studios, gyms and wellness venues as we work to expand the fitness and wellness industry to make the world a more active, happy place. Here we will show you how to add your business to ClassPass and why it will be beneficial.

ClassPass is a marketplace bringing fitness studios, gyms and wellness venues together for easy discovery and seamless booking. While we work to help customers discover experiences, we also strive to empower our partners to grow their business by driving incremental revenue and increasing their exposure and reach. More than 50% of our customers are new to studio fitness, and 94% of customers find new studios or classes after they join. We also maintained a 95% retention rate amongst partners, and work with 30,000+ partners across the globe.

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If you’re thinking about joining ClassPass or want to know what the process entails, read on to learn more about what a partnership with ClassPass looks like.

Benefits of partnering with ClassPass

ClassPass offers partners the following benefits, at no cost to join or participate:

1. Access to a large network of fitness and wellness enthusiasts

We use enhanced tools and marketing resources like SEO, social media, direct mail and media advertising to bring your business in front of people you may not have been able to connect with before. Plus, you’ll be able to access a unique type of customer who may not have tried boutique fitness yet.

2. Opportunity to amplify your brand

We partner with the top brands in fitness and wellness and will show off your workouts, instructors, and space via our platform and apps.

3. Advanced technology

Our SmartTools help you maximize both time and revenue. With spot allocation technology, you’ll spend less time doing manual administration work. And we’ve built the industry’s most effective dynamic pricing engine that values classes based on demand, which enables businesses to make more money. Read more about our dynamic pricing approach.

4. Dedicated tools and resources

All partners have access to a dedicated Partner Dashboard, which features several tools to help maximize revenue at your studio as well as customize your studio’s presence on ClassPass. We also offer a robust content series with webinars, white papers, blog posts (right here on After Class!), and local events in top fitness markets targeted at delivering you ongoing actionable insights for your business. 

Steps to add your business to ClassPass

Step One: Fill out our interest form

Visit our website to let us know you’re interested in signing up with ClassPass. You can start by sharing some initial information about your business, such as where you’re located and basic details about the classes or appointments you feature.

Step Two: Onboarding

If your business is a good fit for our platform — which may be based on geographic needs, etc. — we will reach out to set up an onboarding session with you. During onboarding, you’ll be set up with a custom ClassPass page for your studio, gym or wellness venue and learn about the tools and resources we offer on ClassPass.

Step Three: Start earning revenue

Your business can be up and running on ClassPass in a matter of weeks, so you can start gaining exposure, bringing in new users and adding ongoing revenue to your studio. We have tons of tips for welcoming new users on After Class — check out these top picks!


Visit our partner’s page or live partners can contact us from your dashboard to learn more.