Fitness is your passion, but as with all passions, the day-to-day could leave you feeling tired, overwhelmed or uninspired from time-to-time.  As an instructor, the energy you bring to class is a significant part of the experience people have when they attend the studio — so how do you continue to motivate class attendees through each set, rep and sequence?

Luckily, ideas and inspiration can be found all around. Leverage the power of collaboration to crowdsource group fitness ideas to drive new energy and a greater level of excitement for those visiting your space.  Read on for easy ways to sustain a high level of energy for instruction and create an environment of engagement that will keep everyone motivated to accomplish their fitness goals.

Leverage social media

These days, social media is an integrated part of almost every aspect of our lives — including fitness.  Your social media presence should contain information about your studio, as well as that create a place where attendees can engage and customize their workout experience.  For example, allow individuals to provide input regarding class themes based on the time of year or holidays, ask about music and lighting preferences, etc. Help spur the conversation by providing examples of how to shake it up.  Share instructor-specific ideas (i.e. Eighties Flashback session featuring the best of 80’s pop) that will help get everyone’s creative juices flowing. Once the conversation starts, you’ll find yourself with plenty of ideas provided by your target audience.  Continue the conversation by sharing photos, feedback, featured playlists, and exercise routines from “fan-favorite” suggestions. Students will love the commitment to participant contribution, one of the best ways to crowdsource group fitness ideas.

Enhance the in-studio experience

Crowdsource group fitness ideas in real-time, right within the workout itself.  Allow your attendees to offer feedback while they are there and engaged. Create an opportunity to vote while working out to add a level of (controlled) spontaneity that increases excitement.  For example, everyone has a favorite workout song — why not have attendees write those down as they arrive to the class and integrate those songs throughout the workout or a future workout? Within the class structure, allow for in-class voting for different elements of your workout — i.e. speed on machines, number of reps, or time dedicated to a certain skill.  Provide a way for individuals to tailor their experience while in class for an added level of excitement and uniqueness.

Take the opportunity to personalize

Leveraging the power of input to crowdsource group fitness ideas can showcase the voice of many, giving you a sense of what your attendees prefer.  In addition to hearing from the group, create opportunities that acknowledge the individual as another source of class inspiration.  Use class goals to call out individuals who have achieved personal bests or have achieved the “MVP” of the class for attitude, effort, etc.  As a part of that recognition, give them the ability to make choices regarding current or future classes. Focus on personal events like an attendee’s birthday week for example, and create a special workout or benefit received when those individuals come.  Incorporate personalized incentives to increase engagement, offer inspiration and foster an environment where individuals feel empowered.