As a small business owner, you have to wear many hats, and one of those hats may be that of interior designer. The decoration and style of your studio or gym space reflects your brand, so it’s important that you consider what kind of message the environment is communicating to your clients.

The good news is, with some creativity and inspiration, you can make simple changes to the design of your studio that your clients will love without breaking the bank to get the job done! If your studio could use a design refresh, these are cost-effective design ideas that will add some panache to your studio space.

#1: Motivational quote wall decals

An easy way to update a space in your gym or studio is with a motivational quote or design decal for the wall. You can choose a quote that best encapsulates the vision or attitude you hope to pass along to your clients or create your own quote or mantra. There are many websites that let you buy custom-made phrases with various fonts, colors and styles, as well as graphic decals you can add to your studio for easy décor that requires minimal effort and cost! You can shop for pre-made quotes and designs like this one for only $11.99 on Amazon, but if you’re able to spend a little more, you can choose the quote and custom design it for your studio through an online specialty shop like Words Anywhere.

#2: Mirrors

Mirrors can brighten a space by reflecting light and also make it appear larger. (Of course, there’s also the added bonus in that mirrors are a natural part of working out because they allow people to check their form!) If you don’t have mirrors, or if you do, consider freshening up your space with a new style or adding mirrors in strategic locations. For example, a mirror placed across from a window can bring the scenery into the studio, or if you have cool wall art, set the mirror across from it to reflect it back. Depending on the size and quality, mirrors range in price, but you can easily find them at stores like Ross, HomeGoods, Bed Bath & Beyond or any other home store really! For an inexpensive option, check this simple, clean-cut wall mirror for only $19.99 at Ikea.

#3: Chalkboard paint

Another way to dress up a studio or gym is by painting a chalkboard wall or board where you can update a weekly schedule, write inspirational quotes, or post any other updates and upcoming events you may want members to know about. These tend to work well near reception or in a high-visibility area. You can be as creative and artistic as you choose, and it’s as practical as it is decorative and fun. You can buy a can of chalkboard paint for $9.97 each at Home Depot plus a few brushes, rollers, tape and other paint supplies you might need for a fun DIY project!

#4: Plants

Bringing a bit of nature indoors can add texture and color to brighten up and refresh a studio. Potted or hanging plants can be especially welcoming at reception or in a boutique or lounge at your gym or studio! There are many plants that are low-maintenance and won’t contaminate the air with pollen like succulents, peperomias, majesty palms, spider plants, weeping fig, and green dracaena, to name just a few attractive and easy to care for houseplants. You can buy plants at many hardware stores, plant nurseries or even local grocery stores! For a starter kit, you can try something small like these bright succulents from Lowe’s for just $22.98.

#5: Area rugs

If you have a studio where people need to take their shoes off, like for Pilates, yoga or barre, it can be a nice addition to have an area rug in the reception where people have to remove their shoes and maybe socks before class–this is especially important in winter when it gets cold out and people come in with wet shoes! Rugs may need to be replaced every year or so depending on how much you spend on it as you may opt to have it cleaned. It’s also worth considering more durable style, like an indoor-outdoor rug made for a patio, if you are concerned about it getting worn quickly. Wayfair has a number of colorful styles to explore for under $100.

#6: Curtains

Curtains can add texture and ambiance to an otherwise flat or uninspiring wall. They can also be practical if you have a studio with windows at ground level facing the street, where people might appreciate some privacy during their workout, or if you get too much sunlight at certain times of the day. Go for something simple and clean, such as these white sheer curtain panels from Overstock for only $8.89, to elevate your space.


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