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What is cryotherapy and what does it do?

Cryotherapy is a form of “cold therapy” that involves full body exposure to very cold temperatures. Cold therapy takes many forms, such as ice baths or application of cold packs, but cryotherapy often involves using technology to create subzero temperatures via a cryosauna.
Cryotherapy is great for recovery, restoration and reduction of pain. It’s often used for reducing aches and pains after an injury, or recovering from an intense physical activity session.

What can you expect after cryotherapy?

Typically you can expect a reduction in pain, a potential increase in athletic performance, a decrease in inflammation and a boost of energy. Cryotherapy is often coupled with infrared therapy and compression therapy.

How much does cryotherapy cost?

A single cryotherapy session costs between $25 and $200 depending on your location. With ClassPass the cryotherapy sessions are folded into your monthly membership fees!

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