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What is a hair blowout?

A hair blowout is when a hair stylist washes, dries and styles your hair. Hair blowouts are a convenient way to prepare for a work or personal event, without having to worry about styling your hair yourself. Blowouts can last a long time, so a Monday appointment can leave your hair beautiful all week long.

What can you expect from your blowout appointment?

Most hair blowout appointments will begin with you being greeted by your technician. The technician will then wash your hair thoroughly and begin to style it. They will typically blow dry your hair utilizing a round brush and will then style your hair. An appointment typically takes about an hour and can conveniently be scheduled during your lunch break.
You can also usually add on additional services such as a deep conditioning treatment or a head massage, but these can incur additional costs. Please consult with your technician during your appointment.

How long does a hair blowout last?

A hair blowout typically lasts up to a week depending on your hair type and the level of maintenance. Easy ways to extend the length of your blowout include: Using high buns while sleeping, utilizing dry shampoo after workouts and lessening your use of hats or rubber bands that will put kinks in your hair.

How much does a blowout cost?

A blowout session can cost between $30USD and $120USD depending on your location, the stylist’s experience and if you choose to add any additional treatments.

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