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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by YouFit Gyms and were last updated on 2/24/21.

Mask-wearing policies

All employees are required to wear masks to protect our teams and members. Mask policies for members and guests vary depending on local and state guidelines.

Social distancing measures

Updated floorplans to encourage social distancing during the entire visit. This includes greater distance between equipment, updated gym flow, and larger spacing.

Extra sanitation

Increased cleaning and disinfecting routines for all surfaces including special attention to high-touch spaces. Members have access to hand sanitizer, disinfecting spray, and paper towels as needed.

Limited capacity

To better encourage distancing and follow any local regulations, some locations may have varying capacity limits temporarily.


Mon, Jul 22
60 min

Body Sculpt

Kevin D Hu
60 min


Jonathan Sc
120 min

Open Gym

60 min


Ailyn Ca
120 min

Open Gym

120 min

Open Gym

120 min

Open Gym

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