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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Yoga Corner and were last updated on 4/21/21.

Social distancing measures

The safety and wellbeing of our community comes first. We are continuously up-to-date with government guidelines, and have applied safety measures including additional hygiene regimens, physical distancing, and signage to remind our community of best practices.

Extra sanitation

Hand sanitiser is available in every area, and usage is required upon entry and exit from the studio. All high touch point surfaces are disinfected between every class, and the studio given a deep clean.

Limited capacity

We are back to 'full' capacity as per current government guidelines, however we have remained conservative so as to keep everyone comfortable, and classes are still capped at 20 per session.

Contactless check-in

Our roller door will be opened 15mins before each class, when we are ready to welcome you in, and all check-ins are completed online.

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Fri, Oct 22
Today, Oct 22
45 min

Tomorrow, Oct 23
60 min

Linda Browne
Sunday, October 24
75 min

Amy Leonard-King
Monday, October 25
45 min

Ale Cisneros
Tuesday, October 26
30 min

Amy Leonard-King
60 min

Wednesday, October 27
45 min

Lydia Richards
Thursday, October 28
30 min

Sophie Davidson
45 min

Amy Leonard-King
Friday, October 29
45 min

Saturday, October 30
60 min

Linda Browne
Sunday, October 31
75 min

Amy Leonard-King

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