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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by TruFusion and were last updated on 7/24/23.

Ventilation system

The studio is outfitted with 7 medical-grade HEPA filtration units designed to minimize the transfer of airborne pollutants and potential virus-carrying particiles.

Extra sanitation

The equipment, studio rooms, and the rest of the facility is deep cleaned following every class, with increased staff on hand and additional state of the art cleaning tools.

Contactless check-in

Just inform our Wellness Concierge upon entry you are a Classpass member and give your full name, and they will manually check you into class.

Equipment policies

We offer all the necessary equipment, however you are welcome to bring your own or purchase equipment from our retail section.

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Sat, Mar 2
60 min

60 Min. Tru Mat Pilates (All Levels)

Stefanie Gonzalez
45 min

45 Min. Tru Ride (Indoor Cycling- All Levels)

Brittany Vetrino
60 min

60 Min. Tru Fit Flow (Level 1/2)

Lindsay Grieshaber
60 min

60 Min. Tru Circuit (All Levels)

Miinta Judd
75 min

75 Min. Yin (All Levels)

Gabriela Aguilar
60 min

60 Min. Tru Kettlebell (All Levels)

Miinta Judd
60 min

60 Min. Hot Power Vinyasa (Level 1/2)

Sharon Lacangan
75 min

75 Min. Tru Yin (All Levels)

Jenny Wells
60 min

60 Min. Tru Hot Barre (All Levels)

Jinny Campbell
60 min

60 Min. Tru Signature Series (Level 1/2)

CJ Knapp
60 min

60 Min. Yin + Meditation

Angela Albuquerque
240 min

Tru300 HR Yoga Teacher Training

Zeek Vincent

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