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    Trooper Fitness

    Midtown East

    226 E 54th St, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10022 Get directions

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    Their motto: "For all we know is go, and go we shall, no matter the adversity."
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Trooper workouts are high-energy, coach guided workouts that are very convenient and motivating. With great music and a great coach, you’ll leave Trooper Fitness feeling awesome and knowing you had a great workout.

Trooper Fitness's aim is to inspire the individual to succeed at any goal they wish to attain by building self-confidence in the fitness arena. They help everyone reach his/her fitness goals through perseverance and hard work, which then transcends beyond workouts into all aspects of life.

Being Trooper-fit is having the drive to go for your goals relentlessly and tenaciously through High Intensity Interval Boot Camp Style training. The intention is not to say quitting never crosses the mind; but quitting is never an option.

Additional Information & Useful Tips


  • Showers,
  • Lockers,
  • Mats,
  • Towels

How early should you arrive before class?

  • 5 minutes before