TRIBE Boxing Studio - Mont Kiara

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by TRIBE Boxing Studio and were last updated on 10/13/22.

Vaccination policies

We only welcome members who have received the full regimen of Covid-19 Vaccine and have passed the 14-day duration upon the completion of final dose.We strictly deny entry of members who are unvaccinated, partially vaccinated or awaiting 14 days post final dose. The credit used is non-refundable.

Mask-wearing policies

Face masks are mandatory in the premises except while engaging in exercise activity.We reserve the right to deny entry if you do not come with a face mask.

Social distancing measures

Members are strongly advised to follow the necessary protocols by only sitting and/or waiting at the marked areas. The mezzanine floor is available as a waiting area’ before class to control the crowd movement at the reception area.

Ventilation system

We understand air quality matters more than ever when it comes to working out in the studio. Fret not, all TRIBE studios are outfitted with air-conditioning system and air filters in the studios.

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