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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by The Pilates Works Plus and were last updated on 8/5/22.

Vaccination policies

Only Fully Vaccinated* individuals are allowed to attend indoor Reformer Group Classes.Please present your vaccination certificate for verification at our front desk prior to attending class.*An individual is considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after he or she has received twodoses of vaccines.

Mask-wearing policies

Masks should be worn as a default. Masks may be taken off when performing strenuous activity and it must be put on immediately after the class.

Extra sanitation

Please sanitise your hands upon arrival and leaving the studio. If you prefer to wash your hands, there is a washing basin beside our studio. Wipe down the equipment and workout tools very carefully with our disinfecting disposable wipes before passing on for use by the next user.

Limited capacity

Maximum class size will be 6 people.

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Thu, Jun 1
60 min

Yumi Okamoto
60 min

Yumi Okamoto
60 min

Anna Raja
60 min

Doris Ong
60 min

Doris Ong

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