The People's Yoga - SE Hawthorne

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by The People's Yoga and were last updated on 7/18/21.

Vaccination policies

Currently, we are requiring proof of vaccination in order to practice unmasked. Just bring printed copy of your vax proof and place it at the top your mat. Then, you can take your mask off during practice if you choose.

Mask-wearing policies

Everyone will wear masks in the lobby. Folks with proof of vaccination may choose to practice unmasked. Just bring proof of vaccination and put it at the top of your mat take your spot, you can then take your mask off if you choose.

Ventilation system

Our ventilation system is constantly rotating air from outside and using a UV filter to kill viruses as it circulates.

Limited capacity

Our spaces are currently at 50% capacity.

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Tue, Dec 7
Today, Dec 7
75 min

Kris Olson
75 min

Kris Olson
60 min

Quinn Shuff
Tomorrow, Dec 8
60 min

Roger McKeever
75 min

Abby Kraai
75 min

Emily Baumann
Thursday, December 9
60 min

April Fox
90 min

Rachel Stern
75 min

Abby Kraai
75 min

Kris Olson
75 min

Kris Olson
Friday, December 10
75 min

Stephanie Starnes

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