The People's Yoga - NE Killingsworth

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by The People's Yoga and were last updated on 7/18/21.

Vaccination policies

We are currently requiring proof of vaccination in order to practice unmasked. Just bring a copy of your vax record with you and place it at the top of your mat as you arrive in studio. Then, you may choose to take your mask off.

Mask-wearing policies

Everyone will wear masks in the common lobby areas. If you would like to practice without a mask, bring proof of vaccination. Place your proof of vaccination at the top of your mat as you arrive in the practice space, then take your mask off if you choose.

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Sun, Nov 28
There are no reservations available Today, Nov 28.
Tomorrow, Nov 29
90 min

Shaney Aalbers
75 min

Suniti Dernovsek
60 min

Brianna Gordon
75 min

Emily Wolbers
75 min

Stephanie Starnes
Tuesday, November 30
75 min

Kindra Flavin
90 min

Alison Alstrom
75 min

Roger McKeever
Wednesday, December 1
90 min

Sarah Ewing (Robinette)
75 min

Suniti Dernovsek
75 min

Emily Wolbers
Thursday, December 2
90 min

Shaney Aalbers

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