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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by The District Training and were last updated on 5/10/22.

Vaccination policies

- Only fully vaccinated participants are allowed to enter the class.- We Will need to verify your vaccination status via the TraceTogether app.- Please note that we will deny entry for participants who is not fully vaccinated.

Mask-wearing policies

Masks are to be worn up until the start of the workout. Once the class ends, masks are to be worn again before exiting the studio.

Social distancing measures

Participants are to place their yoga mat to ensure safe distancing of at least 3m between participants. And only 1 participant can stand at the location of 1 circuit (e.g. the dip bar station, pull-up bar station, monkey bar station and more)

Limited capacity

The maximum class size is now 5-6


It's Christmas, half day work to keep morning students motivated! #christmas2021

Calisthenics Street Workout Beginner Workout Class With The District Training


Wed, May 29
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