Pure Barre - Mclean

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Pure Barre and were last updated on 7/27/22.

Ventilation system

We have a UV light purifier running through our AC 24/7!

Limited capacity

Classic: 15 people maxEmpower: 14 people maxReform: 13 people max

Contactless check-in

You can check in on the Pure Barre App- need help? Arrive early 10-15 minutes to check in, fill out your waivers, take a tour, and grab equipment!

Equipment policies

Do not bring anything besides water, a towel, and sticky socks. We have all equipment for you!We have sticky socks here for purchase (required). Yes, you'll need them. (It would be like running without sneakers, or cycling without cycling shoes.)


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Pure Barre Teacher Peggy


Tue, Jan 31
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