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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Prestique Studio and were last updated on 6/29/22.

Vaccination policies

Only Fully Vaccinated members can attend our classes. Verification will be done upon check-in.For those who are not Fully Vaccinated, you will not be allowed for class and credits will not be refunded.

Mask-wearing policies

All attendees and staff are required to wear their masks in the studio at all times. Masks can only be removed during workouts and must be worn back straight after class.

Extra sanitation

All trampolines, equipment and high touch surfaces will be wiped and sanitized between each class and between use. Hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays are also made available at the counter as well as in each of the studio rooms.

Limited capacity

Maximum Class Capacity based on the studio room used for class.

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Thu, Mar 23
60 min

Joraine Tan
60 min

Joraine Tan
60 min

Joraine Tan
60 min

Joraine Tan
60 min

Joraine Tan
60 min

Joraine Tan

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