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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Nandi Yoga and were last updated on 6/7/23.

Vaccination policies

A Covid vaccine and booster is recommended but NOT required to attend in person classes (unless specifically recommended against by your doctor or medical professionals). We would urge you to follow CDC guidance for all vaccines.

Mask-wearing policies

You are always welcome to wear a mask at the studio but it is NOT required. The CDC guidelines suggest doing so is the safest way to protect against any airborne infection.

Social distancing measures

We continue to be conservative about the number of students in studio, slowing building up to our pre-COVID capacity.

Ventilation system

We do periodic venting in our big practice studio and use additional air purifiers throughout the studio.

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Sat, Mar 2
75 min

In Person Balancing Movement with Stillness

Doris Lau

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