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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Luscious Maven and were last updated on 2/16/24.

Social distancing measures

One person per pole. No pole sharing. The poles are spaced 7-8 ft apart.

Extra sanitation

We have upgraded out daily cleaning routine. We provide disinfectant wipes and rubbing alcohol for students and staff. There are hands washing stations in each studio.

Limited capacity

One person per pole. 9 students max for pole classes, 12 students max for floor classes.

Equipment policies

We recommend that you bring the following items to each class: Yoga mat, dance knee pads, water bottle. We have mats rentals available and water bottles for sale in case you forget yours.

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Wed, May 22
90 min

Open Pole

75 min

Pole Dance: Level 2

Jam Jae
75 min

Intro to Spin Pole: L1/2

Taylor Marie
75 min

Pole Dance: Level 1

Janet Langer
75 min

Pole Choreography: Level 2/3

Janet Langer
75 min

Pole Strength & Conditioning: Level 2

Taylor Marie
75 min

Pole Dance: Level 1

Adriana Santos
75 min

Low Flow Heels: Level 2

Tiffany Jane
75 min

SPF *Sexy Pole Flow* Level 1/2

Adriana Santos

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