JOY Yoga

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by JOY Yoga and were last updated on 9/29/20.

Social distancing measures

1 meter distance

Extra sanitation

Use hand sanitizer before you enter Joy Yoga. Sanitizer is placed by the door when you arrive. Cleaning the space between classes

Contactless check-in

Say your name to the teacher, and they will register you on the iPad

Equipment policies

Bring your own mat or a towel to cover a mat you can borrow from Joy Yoga. Towel is required if you borrow mat from Joy Yoga. No exceptions will be made. If you want to use a bolster, bring an extra towel to cover the bolster. A bolster is often used in the softer classes like Slow Flow, YangYin, YinBliss, Lunar Flow and YogaSPA


Mon, Oct 2
60 min

Karina Kibsgård
75 min

Anita Nesse

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