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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Jana Loving Life and were last updated on 10/2/20.

Social distancing measures

2 meters distance in the class. You must filled a covid -19 health declaration. Once you book with the ClassPass, go to https://tolcentre.as.me/meditation. In the section of payment choose the second option:" I will contact Jana". Jana will be aware that your class will be payed through ClassPass.

Extra sanitation

High touch surfaces will be deep cleaned between each class and between use.

Mask-wearing policies

Face masks and visors are optional during a class. You can also enter or leave via the studio door without wearing a mask – BUT – please be aware that you MUST wear a mask if you enter communal areas of the Centre including the reception area and corridors, where distancing cannot be maintained.

Limited capacity

Maximum size of the class will be 6 people.


Thu, Feb 25
There are no classes Today, Feb 25.
Saturday, February 27
75 min

Jana Krychtalkova
75 min

Jana Krychtalkova
Thursday, March 4
75 min

Jana Krychtalkova
Friday, March 5
75 min

Jana Krychtalkova
Saturday, March 6
75 min

Jana Krychtalkova
75 min

Jana Krychtalkova


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