Invivo Wellness

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Invivo Wellness and were last updated on 10/20/20.

Mask-wearing policies

Masks are required for all attendees in common areas and during classes. Staff members are required to wear masks.

Social distancing measures

Floor markers are in place to indicate safe distances.

Extra sanitation

All equipment and high touch surfaces will be deep cleaned between each class and between each use. Hand sanitizer is available.

Limited capacity

Class sizes are limited to 6 people. Waitlists are in effect.

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Sun, Nov 28
There are no reservations available Today, Nov 28.
Tomorrow, Nov 29
30 min

Alicia Altstaetter
60 min

Alicia Altstaetter
30 min

Matthew Konkel
45 min

Andrea Olson
60 min

Misa Schillaci
Tuesday, November 30
60 min

Paula Tillen
30 min

Matthew Konkel
45 min

Cynthia Akey
Wednesday, December 1
60 min

Cynthia Akey
Thursday, December 2
60 min

Becky Tesch
30 min

Robert McDonial
75 min

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