IKKYU: Corrective Massage Therapy

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by IKKYU: Corrective Massage Therapy and were last updated on 12/3/21.

Vaccination policies

Massage therapist at IKKYU is fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to maximise the mutual health and safety.

Mask-wearing policies

To maximise our mutual safety, it is encouraged to bring in your own face mask to wear during the COVID-19. At the end of the day, mutual health and safety is our first priority.

Social distancing measures

Spacious treatment room can surely accommodate our client and therapist in a very safe and healthy manner.

Ventilation system

Air purifier & aromatherapy diffuser are regularly used to maintain the air quality of the room. Frequent ventilation of the room is conducted by opening up the windows and doors during a day.


Neck, Shoulder and Lower back pain? Quick, Easy, and Effective Chest Stretch!

Neck, Shoulder and Lower back pain? 1 minute Arm Stretch!!!

Stretch for tight CALF Muscles!

Back pain? Shoulder pain? Neck pain? Then, let's look at "Posture"!


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