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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Health in Hands Spa and were last updated on 7/6/20.

Mask-wearing policies

Anyone entering the office must be wearing a mask unless you feel uncomfortable when facing down during your session, we've prepared a towel barrier between you and the therapist so you can put your mask down while face down to feel comfortable breathing

Social distancing measures

Your Therapist will meet you when you enter. Then, a verbal screening is followed by a temperature check. Only the client being treated is to enter the office unless the client is a child and needs his parent to be present. In these cases, clients are to be accompanied by one parent or guardian.

Extra sanitation

Our waiting area and restroom will be equipped with hand sanitizers and antibacterial hand soap. Massage Tables will be disinfected thoroughly before each client. We have implemented the use of EPA approved disinfectant killer of viruses, spores, and bacteria.

Limited capacity

We will be limiting the number of clients we see every day and extending time between appointments. Yes, this will cause a bit of a bottleneck as we reopen but we ask that you be patient through this process. This inconvenience is only a result of making sure that we all stay safe and healthy.


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