Float Seattle - Greenlake

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Float Seattle and were last updated on 5/27/21.

Mask-wearing policies

Staff members are required to wear face coverings. Please be prepared to do the same in common areas, but you can of course go mask-free in your room.

Social distancing measures

Floor tape indicates safe distances in the lobby. Guests and staff are expected to practice physical distancing throughout the studio.

Extra sanitation

All equipment and high-touch surfaces will be deep cleaned between guests. The float tanks sanitized and filtered between every float as usual, with a state-of-the-art system utilizing UV, Ozone, and Hydrogen Peroxide. The Ozone also disinfects the inside of the tank with the door closed.

Contactless check-in

Please fill out the waiver attached to your reservation confirmation email for one less step in the studio. Orientations will still be given for new guests, while practicing safe distancing.


Mon, Aug 15
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