Evolve Wellness Centre

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Evolve Wellness Centre and were last updated on 9/23/20.

Temperature checks

All staff and teachers have their temperature checked upon arrival to evolve.

Social distancing measures

We have 1.5 metres distance between students in yoga studio. Students must bring their own yoga mats.

Extra sanitation

All studios, bathrooms, and reception touch points are cleaned hourly. Each studio is sanitised after each class.

Mask-wearing policies

All students coming to the studio must wear the face covering at reception, corridors and bathrooms. You can only remove the face covering once you are in studio on your yoga mat.

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Sun, Feb 28
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Tomorrow, Mar 1
45 min

sev panova
75 min

gemma bliss
60 min

natalie jones
60 min

angie hsu
75 min

bérénice würz-smith
60 min

fionuala power
75 min

bérénice würz-smith
Tuesday, March 2
45 min

sev panova
75 min

sandrine giacobino
75 min

ailon freedman
60 min

linda boninsegni
60 min

anette ball


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