Envision Memphis

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Envision Memphis and were last updated on 3/10/24.

Social distancing measures

At Envision, we have spaced out our exercise equipment & limit the number of people who can work out on the floor at one time.

Extra sanitation

We have sanitizing wipes everywhere for members to use before and after using any equipment. In addition, we regularly go through and sanitize equipment and the space.

Limited capacity

Classes are limited to a specific number of people max. We have speakers and a headset for the instructor to use if needed for ease of hearing when outdoors.

Contactless check-in

For classes, we require pre-sign up. We simply take names and check people in on our device. There is no contact.


Wed, May 29
45 min

Envision Energize

Mark Akin

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