Down to Earth - Tufnell Park

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Down to Earth and were last updated on 9/11/20.

Social distancing measures

Social distancing measures are in place

Extra sanitation

High touch points will be thoroughly cleaned regularly. Students will not be able to use any props and are encouraged to bring their own mats or mat covering.

Limited capacity

Class sizes have been reduced to allow for plenty of space between mats adhering to social distancing.

Contactless check-in

Pre-booking only and no late entry.

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Mon, Nov 29
Today, Nov 29
60 min

Julia Katz
60 min

Giorgos Alexandris
60 min

Olivia Brierley
60 min

Lisa Di Gennaro
Tomorrow, Nov 30
60 min

Lisa Di Gennaro
60 min

Candy Alderson
60 min

Anna Longmuir
60 min

Mary Smiley
60 min

Julia Katz
60 min

Anna Evans
Wednesday, December 1
60 min

Adam Redmore
60 min

Elle Daniel

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