DC Fitness Physio

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by DC Fitness Physio and were last updated on 11/5/23.

Extra sanitation

Shoes to be stored on shoe rack. Nonslip socks to be worn while in studio (Socks can be ordered or purchased through DC Fitness Physio. Alternatively, you can source your own). All clients to wipe down all equipment they have used during the class.

Limited capacity

You must e-mail dcfitnessphysio@gmail.com prior to attendance to fill in pre-screen form. If you don't fill in the form, you won't be able to attend class. All class attendees to inform their instructors re aches and pains prior to class as these can change day to day.

Contactless check-in

Sign in sheet to be complete every class. For a class to go ahead there needs to be minimum a) 3 clients in a reformer class and b) 3 clients in a mat class.

Equipment policies

Please use appropriate carriage stopper and gear bar settings (taller reformers). It’s up to the instructor to determine which setting is most suitable for each client and each exercise. Make sure to ask your instructor.Please detach all springs and lower foot bars on each reformer after use.


DC Fitness Physio Open Day 03/09/22

DC Fitness Physio - Reformer Pilates

DC Fitness Physio


Sun, Mar 3
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