California Family Fitness - Arden

This class is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by California Family Fitness and were last updated on 3/30/21.

Mask-wearing policies

Face masks must be worn at all times while inside the club.

Social distancing measures

Equipment has been spaced for appropriate social distancing.Please maintain a minimum of 6' distance from others at all times.

Ventilation system

Increased outside-air circulation at all indoor locations. Outdoor workouts are also available.

Extra sanitation

Equipment is sanitized several times per day with electrostatic sprayers.Additional cleaning stations have been placed throughout all workout areas.NanoSeptic self-cleaning skins have been added to public touchpoints.


Sat, Jul 31
There are no classes Today, Jul 31.
Tomorrow, Aug 1
50 min

Sue Lucchesi
60 min

Joan Howell
Monday, August 2
45 min

Marji LeGrand
60 min

Pam Wong
50 min

Kara Kraft
Tuesday, August 3
45 min

Marji LeGrand
50 min

Linda Middlesworth
50 min

Tallie Miller
45 min

David Hoig
50 min

David Hoig
60 min

Layla Bozorg
Wednesday, August 4
45 min

Laura Maxwell


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