5 Star Salt Caves

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by 5 Star Salt Caves and were last updated on 7/22/20.

Mask-wearing policies

All employees will wear face masks as they interact with our customersCustomers are required by city ordinance to wear face masks in public areas.Masks can be taken off in treatment rooms that are private (ionic foot bath, sauna), as well as in the salt cave once the session has begun.

Social distancing measures

Chairs in the Salt Cave are spaced out to allow for at least 6' of distance between participants.Maximum number of participants in the cave is limited

Extra sanitation

Hard surfaces, chairs, door knobs, etc. will be cleaned and disinfected regularly and between client sessions.

Limited capacity

Maximum number of people in a regular salt cave session is 7.


Sun, Dec 10
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