• Barry's
    Strength Training, Running


    241 E 86th Street, New York

    Abs & Ass (50 Minutes)

    Great class with a motivating, fun, and upbeat playlist. Lots of running and sprinting in todays class, followed by variations of squats and killer booty band workouts. Expect the class to be half running/half floor.
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    Barry’s is the original high-energy, calorie-scorching, cardio and strength interval…
  • Crunch Gym
    Gym Time, Strength Training, …

    Crunch Gym

    1438 3rd Ave, New York
    Safety guidelines


    Perfect mix of bodyweight cardio and weights. Format is kind of organized chaos, but it’s usually something like 2-3 weighted moves and 1 cardio move as a set, done three times before moving onto another set. Instructor has great energy and gives individual attention in a big class and had a fun playlist.
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    Crunch is a high end gym chain with 400+ locations nationwide. They specialize in…
  • Anna Kaiser
    Dance, Strength Training, …

    Anna Kaiser

    244 E 84th St 4th Floor, New York
    Safety guidelines


    Challenging class! If you are familiar with step, it’s intervals of freestyle step aerobics while using resistance bands + sequences of strength training interval with resistance bands. Friendly instructor! Only wish there were modifications presented. Otherwise loved!
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    Anna Kaiser Studios brings you the programming of a celebrity trainer amplified by…
  • CrossFit Upper East Side & EVF Performance
    Strength Training, Low-impact Training, …

    CrossFit Upper East Side & EVF Performance

    1623 York Ave, New York
    Safety guidelines

    EVF 360

    It would have been nice to have spoken to someone before the end of class, staff wise. But I really do like this place and community and enjoyed the class. I would say you should have experience with weighting movements.
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    Prepare to look and feel your best with high-intensity classes that combine the most…
  • bode nyc
    Yoga, Strength Training

    bode nyc

    173 E 83rd St, New York

    Hot Interval Training (HIIT 60)

    My first time taking this class with Samuel because his class is always full - he’s amazing!! This is the hardest hot hiit cardio pilates class I’ve ever taken, and he makes it super fun, hilarious and positive. His class starts with the tough HIIT cardio stuff first followed by more classic pilates moves at the end, which works better for me because I have the most energy in the beginning of the class (some other instructors are the opposite, it’s really up to your preference). His music is also mostly fun 90s throwbacks. Highly recommend!
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    Established in 1999, bodē nyc is Manhattan's first boutique fitness brand and original…
    Boxing, Strength Training, …


    321 East 75th Street, New York

    Kickboxing in studio

    Richie was awesome! Tough class but teacher was encouraging. Enjoyed getting personalized feedback on form and stance. Highly recommend.
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    HOT FITNYC is a personal training and group fitness company that provides opportunities…
  • 1370 Lex @ 90th St
    Pilates, Stretching, …

    1370 Lex @ 90th St

    1370 Lexington Ave @90th St, New York
    Safety guidelines


    Suzanne was extremely knowledgeable and kind and gentle. She focused on her students’ form and made sure we all were aware of what we were doing, what muscles or body parts we were targeting and most importantly, that we had good form during each exercise. I loved the space, the energy in the space was calm with a light and positive energy flowing throughout the space from the other instructors and students in the space. A perfect space for those just getting back into their practice or the more advanced student ❤️
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    Mind Your Body is a Pilates and Gyrotonic studio on the upper east side of NYC, dedicated…