• Barre Forte
    Barre, Yoga

    Barre Forte

    300 South Logan Street, Suite 105, Denver
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    Melissa is a BEAST - outstanding class and I love how she does the whole damn thing without missing a cue! In addition to excellent classes, hats off to the studio admin; I reached out regarding an issue with my email and they responded promptly, problem-solving with warmth and a great attitude. Thank you, Amy! If I lived in Denver, this would be my home barre studio. Yes, they charge higher credits than most online barre classes, but you get what you pay for here - smart strength training and core conditioning with well-trained, motivating instructors who make the at-home experience memorable and effective.
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    Meet your best with Barre Forte Wash Park's imaginative, kick-ass barre, sculpt,…
  • Artistic Body Development
    Pilates, Strength Training, …

    Artistic Body Development

    520 Cherokee St, Denver


    Incredible and unique. Work is no impact on a reformer with challenging repetitions to work rotations and flexibility across all the small muscles that don’t get used as much in typical workouts. It’s tough but not a cardio or heavy lifting type workout. Owners are amazing and there’s a community if very devoted and fun regulars. Do yourself a favor and just go!
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    Artistic Body Development is the home of Myopatterning,™ a Pilates-based system designed…