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    Othership Breathwork

    Othership Breathwork with Renelyn Quinicot was a really new and interesting class for me and I'm glad I went. It's different from a silent meditation and requires a lot of dynamic breath work exercises so if you're curious to expand on meditation I'd give this a try. I also liked the live instruments; using sound and vibrations helped me stay grounded in the experience. Lastly, the community part of the class was lovely. Renelyn encouraged us to speak with someone in the studio for a few minutes and making that brief connection was surprisingly refreshing and enjoyable. My only critique is that the sounds was a bit loud for me. It looks like they'll be rotating different instructors as part of a partnership with Othership. Mats, towels and eye covers are provided. The heat is turned off in the studio for this but is still quite warm. I recommend bringing layers and a bottle of water. In terms of the actual space, Jaybird is beautiful, clean and has all standard amenities: Lockers, individual change rooms, shower rooms and washrooms. The receptionist was helpful and they sell merchandise on the side. I would come back to check out other classes. A note on mobility: The studio is up stairs and I don't think there's an elevator. Take off your shoes before entering.
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