• Alignmethod Studio
    Pilates, Strength Training, …

    Alignmethod Studio

    2887 West 33rd Avenue, Vancouver
    Safety guidelines
    "We get women strong, fit, and confident in their bodies! Many women come to us…
  • The Program Fitness
    Strength Training, Running, …

    The Program Fitness

    747 Gore Avenue, Vancouver
    Safety guidelines

    The HYBRID Prøgram

    Anja is an excellent instructor. Great energy, very motivating and offering a well balanced workout. Will definitely return!
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    The Prøgram is Vancouver’s premier spot for all of your functional fitness needs…
    Strength Training, Postnatal, …


    229 Kingsway Street, Vancouver


    Omg that class is a blast! There’s a lot going on, lots of different stations but if you’re the kind of person who likes to change up your workouts this is the class for you! Each segment is short but super effective. Even for my first class it was explained really well and I wasn’t confused. I will def be going again!
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